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Re: (Digest 44) Racism, Satanism, & Fanaticism

  While the debate on racism could be stimulating, 
  this is an "appraisal of MS" business practices. 
  And I think you missed a much more important  
  point of misinterpretation. Buying a single copy of 
  a  magazine at a newsstand does not restrict 
  anyone's access to information. The more 
  revealing metaphor would be underwriting the 
  entire American education system, with the 
  requirement that all children be taught to read, 
  speak and write only "MSEnglish" while 
  simultaneously allowing only MS sanctioned 
  publications to use "MSEnglish" to convey their 
  informational content. 
  It isn't necessary to "do away with capitalism" in 
  order to avoid the creation of harmful monopolies, 
  anymore than it is necessary to "do away with 
  breathing" in order to avoid the poisoning of our 
  We have laws; we simply need to apply them 
  equally to everyone, not just those who can't aford 
  to buy an exception.
  When are we going to get rid of this theme of "its 
  either A or Z, there are no other letters in 
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