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Re: "Infinite Defects"

  On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Luc-Etienne Brachotte wrote:
  > 2) M$ is one of the only company to sell the product, even if it not yet
  > stabilized ! If you buy a M$ product you must always remember
  I'm wary of such sweeping statements. I bet you many companies ship
  unstable products.
  Nevertheless, if they gain a monopoly, there's less incentive for
  them to fix it and no alternatives for the consumer to turn to if
  they get tired of rebooting NT servers.
  PS: A Frenchman and a South African engaged in heavy debate on a list
  related to USA antitrust laws... seems out of place.
  I wish Janet Reno et co would realise this is not a purely domestic
  issue, but it has impact on the USA's foreign policy and foreign
  relations.  MS's monopolistic practices are played out on the world
  stage. Also, the Internet is already a global communications network,
  so US policy (i.e. encryption) and the behaviour of US companies has
  global effect.
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