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Re: "Infinite Defects"

  Pieter Nagel wrote:
  > On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Luc-Etienne Brachotte wrote:
  > >     "   The Opus project, later renamed Word for Windows, caused
  > >      staffers to coin the now-famous phrase "infinite defects". This de-
  > >      scribes a situation where testers are finding bugs faster than de-
  > >      velopers can fix them, and each fix leads to yet another bug;
  > This situation is not specific to Microsoft. It is a general problem
  > in the software industry. There are various software engineering
  > methodologies which aim to prevent this, but not one is genrally
  > accepted as The Best.
  Yes, sure, but
  1) the products are Word, Excel, Access used by 50 or 100 millions
  2) M$ is one of the only company to sell the product, even if it not yet
  stabilized ! If you buy a M$ product you must always remember
  "this contained so many bugs that Microsoft had to recall the product"
  (even if it send in this case free remplacements, which M$ did not more) 
  "It also became difficult and impossible in some cases to deliver
       reliable products"
  It became impossible, but M$ *did* deliver it, non-reliable !
  That's what concern/worry me ! (even if I presented it in a funny way in
  the last post ;-))
  Remember also
      "the now-famous phrase "infinite defects""
  it is now *famous* at M$, since it seems to have been the case for
  several years ! in the company which present BG as a "genius both
  programmer and executive".
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