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Re: Nader Conference? (A view from someone who was there...)

  Since you bring up being "a regular guy:"
  >As I've said in past posts to this list, I'm just a regular guy who leads
  >an association of non-profit groups from around the world. I do it on an
  >all-volunteer basis. I receive no money for it and I operate independent of
  >Microsoft and every other company in the computer industry.
  Let's clarify.  Let's do a reality check.  
  Charles Kelly, regular guy, is:
   -  President of The Worldwide Association of NT User Groups, in its own
  words, "committed to the advance of Windows NT-based solutions" and
  dedicated to "providing a platform to 'drive' Windows NT and related
  products into the enterprise."  Also founding member and member of Board of
  Directors, along with at least one representative from Microsoft, if a
  microsoft.com address is any indication.  See www.wantug.org/.
    -  President, Association of Windows NT Systems Professionals (NT*Pro),
  Washington, DC.  NT*Pro, according to its Web site, was "personally
  launched by Microsoft's Bill Gates on October 17, 1993."  NT*Pro sponsors
  include two regional Microsoft offices, Microsoft Federal and Microsoft
  Mid-Atlantic.  See www.ntpro.org/.  
  Is it any wonder that the press conference you organized and hosted at noon
  featured the slogan, "Ralph Nader Doesn't Speak for Me?"  No surprise
  there.  According to a press report (SJMN, 11-14), you acknowledged
  receiving help in organizing the press conference from Edelman Public
  Relations, a major firm listing Microsoft among its clients.  Who picked up
  the tab?
  >I haven't seen the Nader group present any specific number of people they
  >represent--other than Sun, Netscape, Sybase, and "ambulance-chasing"
  >lawyers. I wonder why?
  It's an ad hoc group, that's why, composed of uncounted numbers of people.
  They/we are an unorganized lot, not members of a particular organization,
  with varied lifestyles, jobs and interests.  It's kind of like the Internet
  itself -- you can't summarize its participants or wrap them in tidy boxes.
     ---  Marianne               marianne@ccnet.com