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Re: Nader Conference?

  On Fri, 14 Nov 1997 23:42:04 -0500 (EST), Declan McCullagh wrote:
  >Erick responded in private mail and clarified.
  >Yes, there were two (that I know of) Microsoft PR flacks in the hallways
  >chatting up reporters. John Pinette, public relations manager out of
  >Redmond, and a younger fellow who was with him. The younger guy might have
  >been with Microsoft's PR firm. Dunno.
  Not to put too fine a point on it but...what I emailed you is not what you quote
  me to say above.
  For the record...you have posted that you found my message 'incoherent'.
  I said to you, verbatim, and nothing else:
  "Sorry you found it incoherent, that was not my intention.  I read something
  in the wee hours this morning that alluded to Microsoft 'people' chatting up
  many reporters in the hallways yesterday at this conference.  Admittedly, I
  was not there.  I was hopeful that you or someone else on this list could shed
  more light on it.  Maybe it was ZNET or NEWS  www pages from last night.
  Erick Andrews"
  ...just so everyone may better understand my context.  Again,  I was not there.  I
  was only seeking more about what went on.
  And, thanks for giving us the name of this Microsoft guy who is called John Pinette.
  All the best,