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Re: [POLL] "Is Nader right?"

  > >  http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/special/nader.html
  Paul Ferzoco (by way of John N Bryan) wrote:
  > Why would anyone want to consider as valid data the results of a poll
  > conducted by a ZD publication? ZD and its publications are strongly
  > influenced by Microsoft ad revenue, AND their editorial content is now
  > CONTROLLED by Microsoft (recall the "sharing of editorial content
  > agreement" between ZD and MS this past month..and to Microsoft "sharing"
  > means "controlling").
  The above seems to be totally fradulent poll. The "voting" page states
  Ralph Nader says Microsoft is unsafe at any speed. Is he right?
  Yes: Someone needs to keep Microsoft in check.
  No: Ralph, stick with chasing Corvairs.
  But the "results" page states something UNRELATED with a suggestion of
  Nader's unfairness (sure they want to publish this)
  Ralph Nader says Microsoft may be unsafe at any speed. Is AmericaÂ’s top
  consumer advocate on to something?  
  Yes: 5205
  No:  4266
  Makes me sick
   And I've heard now that Microsoft has gone after
  > our kids: they're putting coupons in cereal boxes now.
  > It's their overwhelming plan to FORCE us to use their products that
  > piss's me off. Those of us who've been in the industry for 30+ years are
  > just seeing a repeat of the "Big Blue" problem..except this time it's a
  > much bigger problem. This industry needs HEALTHY competition more than
  > ever before. And Microsoft is out to prevent that from happening.
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