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Apple's future

  Yesterday evening, I just read an article from John C. Dvorak,
  there's a great probability Apple will, in a near future, switch from
  the PowerPC architecture, to Intel microprocessors. Moreover, the next
  version of the MacOS will be based on the Windows NT kernel ! Apparently
  that's why they bought NEXTStep, which runs mainly on PC's, and why
  Jean-Louis Gassee will release it's BeOS on PC's. JLG, former Apple #2
  is still in close contact with Apple and knows a lot of secrets.
      John Dvorak is sure a MacOS private version was *still* running on a
  PC when Steve Jobs announced the partnership with M$. Everything was
  decided, SJ told only a little, not to loose the Apple fans.
      Also Bill Gates in an interview told Motorola will abandon the
  microprocessor market (PowerPC+68000 I deduce).
      Advantage : applications will have more facilities to run on the two
  environments, in particular for displaying.
      Inconvenients : Apple may have the same quality standards as M$.
  >From the article, you unterstand that Apple and M$ will get nearer and
  nearer in the future. The  article is based on rumors, but too much
  rumors and facts to be false.
      My question is : will MacOS be *integrated* in Windows NT, or
  Windows NT in MacOS ? ;-) Or will MacOS be the new client part of WNT
  Server ?
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