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Re: AM-INFO digest 36

  Interesting to note that the windoze 95 description (32 bit extensions.......posted by Erick Andrews) was listed in the latest PCMagazine as a "Daffy Dictionary Definition", alas - also without the source. 
  Doesn't seem so "Daffy" to me, but the fact that it appeared in such a Wintel-centric publication was a bit of a surprise. 
  I guess we must have struck a nerve if MS felt it necessary to send "protesters" to the Nader meeting. I wonder how many get a paycheck from a company that originates or middles MSware?
  And the venerable "not right wing but libertarian" arguement has arrived. If we were discussing the legalization of drugs, you might have a point. But since we are discussing government regulation of 
  business - specifically antitrust law- its just another "freedom" to practice the "gold rule" arguement (those who have the gold make the rules). You seem to think you can differentiate the pure 
  philosophical/political leanings of those alphabet soup think tanks (aka softmoney laundries- wrong tickee, no money). I suggest that you will find that they will employ the full spectrum of idealogies to 
  rationalize support for any action that will maximize profits for their "contributors".  So perhaps they are better characterized as "buying clubs". 
  Speaking of buying, $219 sounded a little high for OS/2 but it was close in the worst case - the straight price for Warp 4 is $185 at Indelible Blue (http://www.indelible-blue.com/) or $115 as an upgrade 
  (check with them as to what qualifies) or $85 for academic pricing (no mail order Universities accepted). Not so cheap as MS products, but then you won't need to wait for the next three "upgrades" to 
  include the "features" that will fix the bugs you find. And you'll have to find some other exercise to replace the three-finger salute - ctrl/alt/del. (End of commercial - although I will certainly receive no 
  compensation for my recomendation).
  The computer periodicals seem to be enjoying the MS vs DOJ situation. And, surprise, surprise, the reader/subscriber/user polls are two to one behind the DOJ EXCEPT for the wholly owned 
  subsidiaries of  MS, where the "votes" are astonishingly reversed! Will wonders never cease?
  Just goes to show you that having your paycheck tied, directly or indirectly, to MS profits has absolutely no bearing on one's opinion of the ethics or legaility of MS's business practices, right?
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