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William Neukom's (MS Senior VP) response to Ralph Nader

  Apparently, Mr. Neukom believes that the conference is being convened, among other things, to "manipulate public opinion" against Microsoft.
  This just follows logic that any critical appraisal of Microsoft is not for the benefit of the general public.  Criticism is not necessarily a negative thing.  Instead of talking about being criticized or victimized, Microsoft has an opportunity to change things, and become more innovative while committing itself to open standards.  Instead, it categorizes alternatives to its strategies as "Microsoft Bashing".  It is a blanket fallacy that is insulting.
  But I guess I shouldn't be surprised by such logic by a company whose CEO refers to users as "luddites".
  I also found the spelling error in the post of Neukom's letter a little ironic - hope that wasn't Word's fault.  Or Frontpage's...
  Lars Rasmussen
  Corel Technical Services