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Re: Unfair business or smart business?

  I forwarded your message on to my ISP.  Thank you
  for the information.
  Tod Landis
  Marianne Wolfman wrote:
  > Michael,
  > As if Microsoft "featuring" certain service providers on their small
  > business server, for a price, weren't enough to arose curiosity, add the
  > fact that ISPs like Verio are gobbling up small ISPs like they were candy,
  > reducing the number of ISPs in the choice pool.  Microsoft's leverage grows
  > as the pool shrinks.
  > Verio is also a Business Development Partner of Microsoft, concerned, by
  > their own description, with the promotion of Microsoft products and Verio
  > services and using Microsoft products extensively.  See
  > www.verio.com/corporate/partners.html.
  > Anybody know how extensive the Business Partner network with Microsoft is?
  >    ---  Marianne        marianne@ccnet.com