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Draft the Outline of a New Consent Decree

  	The great majority of writers to this List have it in
  	mind that Microsoft will or ought to be forced to
  	behave in certain specific ways with respect to
  	(1) licensing a Windows operating system suitable  
  	for competitive browser and server products, and 
  	(2) refraining from developing an operating system 
  	that extends its OS into internet or other network
  	capability that competitors can well provide as
  	separate applications.
  	I predict MS will agree (and comply) with both of 
  	these requirements as the only logical way to 
  	protect 	the internet from monopolization by the 
  	owner of the de facto standard desktop OS.
  	          (The agreement may be conditional:  That is, 
  	when markets defined as client and server internet 
  	software for business and home, are demonstrably 
  	no longer dependent on MS copyrighted operating 
  	systems, because alternate OS products have a
  	substantial share of the market or alternative server
  	software creates a substantial market for network
  	computers that need no monopoly product, MS 
  	would be free to develop fully integrated software 
  	extending from the OS thru all network applications.)
  	Please make your prediction for the final resolution 
  	of the present enforcement action -- for the record.
  	I want to save them to see whose will be closest.
          John Gelles                   email  address: myturn@vcol.net
          http://www.myturn.org   ;    http://www.rain.org/~jjgelles/
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