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RE: Thanks David

  Actually, Bill buys the products from MS, pays for them, and takes a
  deduction for what he paid.
  I also think you need to re-read your remarks and apologize for making
  ad hominem comments that have no place in civilized discourse.
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  > Mr. Sarna's link to the Wall Street journal article doesn't work
  > unless you happen to be a subscriber. I guess I'm just a geek
  > without a clue.
  > >I think the comment on Microsoft donating technology to libraries is
  > >mean-spirited.
  > I dispute that you THINK about this. You comment, you blather, but
  > you do not think. Therefore, one could logically conclude that
  > you are not. QED
  > Consider further. MS actually makes money on these 'donatations'. MS
  > gets to knock the retail price of their donated product of their
  > income
  > and so they actually save about $30-$40 in income TAX by doing this.
  > Yeah, Bill's a real nice guy.
  > Mark Hinds