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Re: What's The Dough Boy Afraid Of?

  Actually, Ben and Jerry thought up "Dough Boy"
  for a battle of theirs.  "Dough" is slang for cash...
  (When you MS guys finish clogging the channel let
  us know, will you?)
  Tod Landis
  Charles Kelly, NT*Pro wrote:
  > He's probably afraid that someone would resort to name calling <G> Really
  > Tod.... Is "Dough Boy" the best you could come up with? You could have at
  > least made a disparaging remark about my mother or my ancestry...
  > BTW, I did NOT post the conference announcement. It was posted by
  > Operator@Essential.ORG
  > Now be a good boy and admit you were wrong about that....
  > Jeffrey and I have traded a couple of private e-mails and I very much
  > respect his opinions and observations. Even though we do disagree....
  > Charles
  > At 11:17 AM 11/10/97 -0500, Tod Landis wrote:
  > >By my count, since 5:00 pm Friday, we've had
  > >seven posts by Charles Kelley, including one conference
  > >announcement.   We've had twelve posts from David Sarna,
  > >including his weekly slander  threat.  (Please to be careful not
  > >to make slanderous predictions of the future)
  > >
  > >Wayyyy back upstream I corrected
  > >some of Kelley's disinformation in a post of my own, called
  > >"Public Policy".  He was simply wrong about a few things.
  > >
  > >Unfortunately, even more deeply buried by Kelley's nervous
  > >text, is a post from Jeffery Fox.  Be sure to read it.  It could be
  > >the smoking gun.  It was posted on Saturday.
  > >
  > >Tod Landis
  > .-