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Re: How Will We Know Who Won?

  ** Reply to note from cmueller@metrolink.net Sun, 9 Nov 1997 18:58:39 -0500 (EST)
  > Ralph Nader's 'Appraising Microsoft' conference of
  > November 13 and 14, 1997, will come and go. It will
  > generate a lot of words but, in my view, neither it nor
  > the Justice Department's current challenge to Bill will
  > produce serious economic results. Nader won't ask for a
  > break-up of Gates' 90% share of the OS market. And
  > without that, nothing will change.
  I don't doubt your findings and assertions, but I never
  expected any hard results to come of this conference.
  The conference is only a beginning, a bringing together
  of allies, a declaration that we will stand up for our
  rights -- finally. The road will be a long, hard one.
  Microsoft is not a weak company, and it is not a company
  that takes its competitors lightly -- as we all know.
  Microsoft will fight back with every weapon, legal and
  illegal, at its disposal.  I am sure Ralph Nader & Co.
  realize this, or I don't think they would have gotten
  involved.  If Microsoft could be overturned easily, why
  should the big guns (Nader & Co.) be called in?  No. The
  fight against Microsoft has been ongoing for many years,
  and will continue for more years to come. Hopefully, now,
  it won't be too much longer -- but a
  quick decision?  Not by my reckoning.
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