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RE: Moderately improved Map

  Cybermedia is an independent vendor. If they decide that some of the
  Microsoft controls included in IE are beneficial to them, and they
  choose to include them, that seems fine to me. If you are
  constitutionally opposed to IE4, and because of that you don't buy their
  product, then that is OK too. If there are enough like you, they would
  have to develop an alternative. They probably think that folks like you
  are such a small minority that the savings in development costs outweigh
  the lost of business from folks who object to IE.
  Again, it seems to me that democracy and fair play are at work. What is
  the problem
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  > David Sarna,
  > It was Cybermedia, as well as Visual Studio.  Plus whatever else is
  > out
  > there waiting in the wings that hasn't been disclosed yet.
  > Claire Macdonald
  > >1. What exactly is wrong with Microsoft relying on portions of IE in
  > >building Developer Studio?
  > >2. Yes, the new Microsoft help tools are based on html. RoboHelp
  > (Blue
  > >Sky Software) has tools for creating this kind of help very easily,
  > or
  > >converting existing help files.
  > >3. IE4 reads the new help files perfectly. The price is right (free).
  > >What us the  problem, exactly?
  > >
  > >Regards,
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