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RE: Moderately improved map of Microsoft tying evidence

  On Sat, 8 Nov 1997 20:40:14 -0500 (EST), David E. Y. Sarna wrote:
  >1. What exactly is wrong with Microsoft relying on portions of IE in
  >building Developer Studio?
  >2. Yes, the new Microsoft help tools are based on html. RoboHelp (Blue
  >Sky Software) has tools for creating this kind of help very easily, or
  >converting existing help files.
  >3. IE4 reads the new help files perfectly. The price is right (free).
  >What us the  problem, exactly?
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  I absolutely agree with you.  There's nothing wrong with your points
  However, you don't address the bigger picture on the methods by which
  Microsoft has been advancing predatory pricing and locking out reasonable
  choice to the consumer.
  Erick Andrews