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Re: Why Bill Gates Will Win

  On Fri, 7 Nov 1997 22:26:30 -0500 (EST), John Robert BEHRMAN wrote:
  >These are modern arguments against Common Carriage and Anti-Trust Laws. The most
  >important thing about them is that the Republican Majority has sacrificed its
  >opportunity to repeal such laws to its single-minded drive for tax cuts benefiting
  >what looks like the most comfortable and least productive class in all of history.
  >Just a little bit of history and PLAYON JRBehrman sends.....
  >charles mueller wrote:
  >>         I've removed the author's name from the communication below because
  >> it was sent to me privately--in response to my post, Why Bill Gates Will
  >> Win.  He takes me to task for not relating, in that post of mine, the other
  >> side, i.e., why Bill SHOULD win.
  These writings are wonderful pieces on history and economics, and in moderation
  (I pray without vitriol), are useful.  I sincerely say so.
  My bigger hope, however, is that we stay focused on the purpose of this list,
  "Appraising Microsoft", and meaningful ways to articulate such goals.
  Erick Andrews
  Marlborough, Mass.