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Re: Incredible

  On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Tod Landis wrote:
  > This is the time to contact your representatives and
  > congressmen to express your opinion as an INDIVIDUAL
  > and VOTER about the Microsoft suit.  Using a preprinted
  > form or email template is a quick and effective way to do
  > this--but taking time to hand code an email, or phone, is
  > probably better.
  -- Are you really serious? Do you think a dinky Congressman has any 
  influence over this? Financial interests will analyse the impact and 
  decide what to do, then inform Congress what's good for the country.
  > Your elected representatives will respond to this attention--
  > Microsoft knows this and is attempting to use it with its
  > supporters.
  -- You gotta be joking, Tod! Wake up! This is the year of MAI and the 
  move toward corporate feudalism. Calls to Congressman won't effect this 
  issue. If potholes in your local roads are an issue, by all means, call 
  your Congressman.
  > Also, just reading about what is going on in Congress, eg.
  > by following the accounts in the Congressional Quarterly
  > available at your library, will help a lot.  (It will make you
  > mad for one thing)
  -- Yipes!!
  Anyone who believes that local voters can have an impact on a national, 
  global issues like this  is living in La-La land. We'd need a 10-million 
  man march in D.C. to give Congress pause.