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RE: Incredible

  ** Reply to note from DHamilton@baydweller.com Fri, 7 Nov 1997 12:24:55 -0500 (EST)
  > And how is this any different from the sign-on letter from Ralph Nader's Consumer Project
  > on Technology? See the "pre-printed opinions" at
  > http://www.essential.org/antitrust/ms/browserletter.html.
  The differences are obvious.  However, if I have to . . . I'll give you a hint to get you
  started . . .
   ". . . If you are interested in adding your name . . ."
   ". . . we want to speak up loudly to create as much . . ."
  Guess which quote came from which letter.
  > And, since I participated in
  > creating the letter from AMSP, I can tell you that it did not come from Microsoft
  Hmm.  Who was this quote from?
  ". . . We have included the letter from the AMSP . . ."
  > It was my impression that the "Appraising Microsoft" conference was to be an open
  > discussion with participants from both sides of the debate.
  I never denied you your right to paste your names on that letter.  I would think an open
  discussion would have opinions from both sides.  My side just happens to be on the other
  side from you.
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