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Re: Moderately improved map of Microsoft tying evidence

  Hans Reiser wrote:
  > I have added modest improvements to the map, based on emails sent to
  > me.  Please send more.
  > I am proposing that we put together a
  > comprehensive digest of the evidence against Microsoft, of the legal
  > strategies that seem promising, and of the legal arguments that seem
  > relevant.
  To this, we should consider/counter Microsoft arguments send by James
  Love :
  * Solution providers provide an independent viewpoint
  * The browser is an enhancement to the OS
  * DOJ should not restrict MS from developing integrated products
  * Competitors agree that the browser is a part of the operating system
  * The US economy benefits from MS contributions to the software industry
  * MS is standards based and open with its information
  * Do not punish success
  BTW, we should take care that at least one person of Microsoft, or the
  like, can register this list, then post M$ point of view.
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