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Re: Letter to Janet Reno (Coca-Cola not Microsoft..)

  Elliott Masie wrote:
  > Ask a corporate computer manager if they feel as though they are lacking
  > choices due to Microsoft's dominance of the marketplace and they will
  > probably laughÂ…if only they had fewer choices they would wishÂ…fewer
  > salespeople, fewer integration problems, fewer decisions.
  In France at least, from my own experience, if you train & explain your
  company that other firms apart Microsoft are selling software, you're
  considered a fool.
  > As an historian of technology, there are precedents for Microsoft's
  > success.  Ford Motor Company was a major force in the early days of the
  > auto industry.  General Electric was a major force in the electronics and
  > lighting industries.  McDonald's was the only game in fast food.  Kodak and
  > Xerox were the whole game in their fields.  New industries create and
  > require leadership and reward those companies with success.  The
  > marketplace creates and rewards competition, providing success for smart
  > competitors.
  "providing success for smart competitors"... I'll add "and providing
  absolut monopolies for unfair/too smart competitors."
  > Let the marketplace decide.
  That is our concern : the market is almost no more deciding. Microsoft has
  now large enough money to impose its views, and it does more and more so !
  > success allows presence.  Something called free speech.
  you definitely are not making difference between "success" and "monopoly".
  Microsoft is not successfull. It is monopolyfull.
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