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No Subject

  As a list lurker I have enjoyed reading the educated, informative, (and
  sometimes childish) posts to this list. I realize that since I am a Mac
  zealot what I am about to say will be shrugged off by the MS supporters on
  this list. After all since I am a Mac user <SARCASM> I can't be two brite
  The $150M paid by MS to Apple was a) Part of a payoff for "acquiring"
  portions of Apple QuickTime code to be used in their video drivers, b)A
  hedge on OS bets against the impending release of the new Apple OS Rhapsody
  which is based on a Mach 5.0 UNIX kernel. Being an Apple Developer I have
  access to both a Developers release for the Power PC as well as an earlier
  Intel processor release which shows its feasability on the Intel platform.
  Surprise, surprise, surprise, an Intel box with another Non-MS OS running
  on it. Once again MS is trying to sneak in on a superior technology by
  appearing to all the world as the "saviour" of poor Apple who in the April
  97 issue of Fortine magazine was rated 22 places HIGHER than good old MS.
  Go back and read some of the press releases about the deal which say
  something along the lines of $150M PLUS an undisclosed amount. Why
  undisclosed? Perhaps the MS propaganda machine has something to hide which
  might mar their lily-white night in shining armour, defenders of all good
  computer things image.
  My whole attitude about MS and Bill Gates is based on the fact that a
  company which could afford to hire the BEST talent in the industry has come
  up with the most bug-ridden, only "good enough", OS and application
  software in history.
  Flame away, just my humble opinion
  Joe Banko