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A Little Problem [FWD from Tom Landis]

  Appraising Microsoft Listmembers
  Heather Wimberly Beech
  Honolulu /11:50 P.M.on 11/5/97
  Apparently Tod Landis can neither send to nor receive mail from this list
  as of around 10:45AM on 11/5/97 [Wednesday]
  I'm forwarding this to the list on his behalf:
  >A Little Problem
  >I stopped receiving emails from this list
  >after Matthew Benjamin's posting at 10:45
  >this AM.  Could be a sniffer has been loosed
  >on me, or it could be something more benign.
  >Will the list keepers check it out on their end,
  Hopefully this problem will be resolved tomorrow [Thursday] AM..
  in the meantime, I'll be acting as an intermediary and forwarding mail to
  and from the list for Tod. If you want to make sure that Tod gets any
  messages on a "timely" basis, you might c.c. him any relevant posts.
  His e-mail is:
  Tod Landis <landis@cruzio.com>