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Re: Is this list informational or idealogical?

  > If the religious fervor of the messages I've seen on
  this list so far are typical of the views which Mr. Nader
  proposes to speak on behalf of, then I would say that Mr.
  Nader does not speak for me personally nor for many
  thousands of other like me. Indeed such rhetoric may prove
  to be very counter-productive when dealing with an
  informed audience.
  I would have to agree that direction of this group has
  been ideological since I first joined last week (and has
  been a deterent for me to contribute).
  However, I don't agree that consumers always have a
  choice. I speak from experience. Where I currently work,
  Microsoft products have been adopted as the standard for
  almost every OS and application used (excluding legacy
  mainframe). The work that I currently do would be much
  more effecient if done using a Unix OS instead of NT...but
  I don't have the choice any longer. I also doubt that the
  company I work for even has the choice any more (this last
  statement is just my viewpoint, I don't have hard facts to
  back that up).
  If any one truly believes that there is still choice in
  the home PC market, go to shareware.com and check out
  sampling of the download stats for the various OS's and
  see just how meager the choice is.
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