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San Jose Mercury Column

  Some one mentioned the San Jose Mercury as a source of pro-Microsoft
  reporting earlier today, but there is one column at their site today,
  http://www.sjmercury.com/  that has some interesting news of MS's plans for
  your future on-line financial transactions if you use MONEY 98.  It's
  buried in the body of the story so if you can, you might want to save the
  article and read it off-line.  Or save it for future reference.
  >From the Merc Center home page, go to the index, highlight computing, click
  the "go" button, then scroll down to the article regarding "Trojan Horses"
  and click for the comparative review of Quicken and Money upgrades by
  Philip Robinson.
  The title Trojan Horses caught my eye, so I read it.  Scary stuff, at least
  from this privacy paranoid's point of view, though I'll never use on-line
  banking, either with Quicken or Money or whatever else is down the pike.  
  Sometimes the best news comes from the unlikeliest sources, which is why I
  still browse through all the ZDNET junk, especially the "talk back" sections.
  Claire Macdonald