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Re: SUMMARY of Summary

  At 07:17 PM 11/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >	This list can never be a school for wannabe gurus.
  >	But as many step be step advisories to those who
  >	would use alternative systems, (if they had the 
  >	confidence to attack the "steep learning curves"
  >	mentioned by one of our writers), will be 
  >	appreciated by a few readers.  These advisories
  >	can be by message, attachment or URL.
  >	John Gelles
  The alternatives are far too numerous for guru training. There are
  specific newsgroups for that purpose. 
  However, as an example, when we discuss operating systems and their
  dubious integration with the browser, we may know rationally that
  they are separate products (barring competition breaking code changes),
  but it is important for someone to be able to point out the relationship
  To belabor the point, it is helpful to know how the alternative OS/browser
  interchangability factors into the picture. MS, in this example, 
  claims they are one and the same product, so rebuttal must include
  proof of dissenting claims. It is the tech person that is better able
  to explain the relationship, hopefully in the venacular.
  Thank you for clarifying what might have been a misunderstanding of
  my intended message by some of the readers.
  Ken Hamlett