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Future Shop

  On Sat, 1 Nov 1997, Gerry Britton wrote:
  > I have no need to defend myself as an opponent of Microsoft. I am quite willing to submit testimonials to that effect, if the members 
  > of this List so require. I go back to the good old days of Fido's OS2.DEBATE, when Fido was the only game in town. I have no MS 
  > products on this machine. I've been ejected from Future Shop for mounting
  > the proverbial soapbox and driving customers away :)
  Funny that you mention Future Shop. The other day I went into
  Future Shop and ask them if they had a Linux-OS CD. The guy looked at
  me in a strange way saying: "No we don't have that".
  "Are you going to order some and when are you going to have them?"
  I added.
  "We are never going to have them" 
  he said.
  Since this is the info list, is there something I don't know about
  Future Shop? 
  MS owns FS or what? Who owns Future Shop anyway?
  -Don't describe me their tactics, I know them. I am just curious about who
  owns it. I went in there the other day because I couldn't find the CD
  elsewhere. I downloaded my OS over the net but a CD is great to install it
  on your friends' PCs!