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Re: Return Economics html trivial debate

  On Sat, 1 Nov 1997 05:48:44 EST, moonwolf@earthling.net wrote:
  >** Reply to note from "Gerry Britton" <gbritton@mail.bc.rogers.wave.ca> 	Sat, 01 Nov 97 01:39:39 -0800
  >> Don't put words in my mouth, and don't try to use my brief reply as a mental trampoline
  >> for the free expression of your current anger. Nobody mentioned anything about turning IBM
  >> into MS. IBM _was_ MS when Gates was in kindergarten. 
  >Fighting amongst ourselves will do us no good - unless you are an M$ plant.  I was not
  >putting words in your mouth, simply replying to your statements.  I did not quote you
  No, you didn't "quote" correctly at all. You used your mailer to quote part of my msg then responded with answers assuming 
  unquoted text. Must I quote every byte of the complete exchange?
  Now, let's deal with, and *I* _do_ quote correctly, "Fighting amongst ourselves will do us no good - unless you are an M$ plant.":
  I have no need to defend myself as an opponent of Microsoft. I am quite willing to submit testimonials to that effect, if the members 
  of this List so require. I go back to the good old days of Fido's OS2.DEBATE, when Fido was the only game in town. I have no MS 
  products on this machine. I've been ejected from Future Shop for mounting the proverbial soapbox and driving customers away :)
  You, OTOH, are exhibiting the now classic Teamer approach, the rabid anti-MS slavering that destroyed Team-OS2, and is/was a 
  large contributing factor to IBM's withdrawal from the OS retail market.  You are an embarassment to "serious" OS/2 Users.
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