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Re: Return Economics html trivial debate

  Kendall G. Clark wrote:
  > With all due respect, 
  > Yeah, those Unix geeks are really at the low-end of the technology 
  > curve, it's embarrasing. I guess the technology standard ...
  This is a curve I have lived since 1964, watching the mathematical 
  forms ( programming languages ) evolve into the current state of 
  major commercial offerings, which have four industrial genesis,
  to correspond to the four phases of the emergence of CyberSpace,
  an abstract and perfect mathematical reality which is now becoming
  manifest within the physical plane of consciousness:
     mainframes - FORTRAN, COBOL, Pascal, 4GLs on proprietary OSs;
     workstations - BASIC, C, PERL on UNIX;
     PCs - C, C++, Visual Basic on DOS, later msDOS;
     network systems - Java on a Virtual Machine,
  and has the historical analogy of officially adopting the form
  of Arabic Digits as the official Form of representing numerical
  quantity ( an abstract mathematical, i.e., "virtual" concept ),
  instead of the non-scaleable and context-sensitive Form of Roman 
  Numerals. This was the enabling technology for the Renaissance:
  it is impossible to conceptual binary arithematic with The Zero. 
  Within the reality of CyberSpace, physical space and time 
  collapse as meaningless concepts. This renders the convention 
  bottlenecks, upon which convention fraud and extortion  are based
  ( dockworkers, garbage disposal, etc. ), as contradictions to the 
  open and reliable transfer of Substance ( i.e., "bits" ) within 
  CyberSpace. All existing law must be viewed against this filter,
  as all the old calculations with Roman Numerals should be 
  recalculated with their digital counterparts ( pun intended ). 
  This is the historical sweep of what is at stake regarding MicroSoft. 
  Yeah, the UNIX folks kept the faith while the PCs were rising,
  but they need to get beyond line-editors on workstations and
  discover the wonders of WYSIWYG word processing, just like 
  Bill Gates needs to get past being "big brother" with his 
  Windows Registry and embrace the Java.RMI object class of Java.
  The clarification of Form and Substance marches on....
  Robert Tufty, President
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