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Re: Start me up

  At 11:47 PM 10/30/97 -0500, The Real Estate Cafe wrote:
  >•  Finally, and most importantly, ascertain whether the list, or
  >essential.org's site, can be used to ORGANIZE consumers in vertical
  >markets, like real estate, or in general, who are expressing their
  >opinions in polls conducted on popular sites like
  >Looking forward to a robust exchange of opinions on the points above.
  >Bill Wendel
  >The Real Estate Cafe
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  >Cambridge, MA  02138
  >(617) 661-4046
  I don't know what the plans are for this list, but NetAction is certainly
  interested in organizing consumers to fight the Microsoft monopoly.  You can
  check out what we've been doing so far at <http://www.netaction.org>
  Audrie Krause
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