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Start me up

  Like Tod Landis's recent posting, I would be grateful to learn more
  about the purpose of this list, understand the ground rules, and tap
  into it's potential, which I believe to be enormous!
  As one of the invited panelists, I'm eager to:
  •  Invite members of my industry, real estate, to participate in a
  consumer-oriented discussion online,
  •  Share some preliminary thoughts of my own,
  •  Invite Microsoft representatives to share their perspectives,
  •  Insure that the list flurishes AFTER the conference,
  •  Solicit insights and opinions on a variety of questions and proposals
  from leading consumer advocates and others around the country BEFORE the
  conference, and
  •  Finally, and most importantly, ascertain whether the list, or
  essential.org's site, can be used to ORGANIZE consumers in vertical
  markets, like real estate, or in general, who are expressing their
  opinions in polls conducted on popular sites like
  Looking forward to a robust exchange of opinions on the points above.
  Bill Wendel
  The Real Estate Cafe
  221 Concord Ave
  Cambridge, MA  02138
  (617) 661-4046
  PS.  For those interested in seeing how the conference is being covered
  by the real estate press, see