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  TAP-RESOURCES is a distribution list which examines natural
  resource issues, focusing on the taxpayer and environmental 
  perspective.  Like TAP-INFO, only TAP can "post" to the list, so
  the traffic is light.  One of the features of TAP-RESOURCES is
  RE:"Sources", which provides quotes from various persons engaged
  in public policy disputes.  TAP-RESOURCES has published
  information on Mining, Oil and Gas and Timber PAC contributions  
  to members of Congress, disputes about forest service email
  censorship and many other topics. 
  TAP-RESOURCES is an Internet Distribution List provided by the
  Taxpayer Assets Project (TAP).  TAP was founded by Ralph Nader to
  monitor the management of government property, including
  information systems and data, government funded R&D, spectrum,
  allocation, public lands and mineral resources, and other
  government assets.  TAP-RESOURCES reports on TAP activities
  relating to natural resources policy.  To obtain further 
  information about TAP send a note to
  Subscription requests to: with the
  message:  subscribe tap-resources yourfirstname yourlastname
  Taxpayer Assets Project; P.O. Box 19367, Washington, DC  20036
  v. 202/387-8030; f. 202/234-5176; internet:

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