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12/19 Nigeria/journalism/Internet conf

  >Late-breaking conference:
  >Nigeria, Journalism and the Internet
  >*this* Friday, December 19
  >Freedom Forum Rooftop Conference Center
  >1101 Wilson Boulevard, 22nd floor
  >Arlington, Virginia 22209
  >8:30 a.m. continental breakfast
  >9:00 a.m. conference
  >11:30 a.m. adjourn
  >Nigeria, Journalism and the Internet: a conference on Nigeria's 
  >crackdown on journalists and on editors' use of the Internet to 
  >circumvent censorship.
  >The conference will include a first-person report of life in prison.
  >Panelists from Africa and the U.S. will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday). 
  >Watch our web site for details.
  >There is no charge for this conference, but advance r.s.v.p. is requested. 
  >If you would like to attend, please e-mail me by return e-mail or at the 
  >e-mail address below.
  >Thank you.
  >Adam Clayton Powell, III
  >Vice President, Technology and Programs, The Freedom Forum
  >703-284-3553 fax 703-284-2879
  >Next major technology conference in Arlington:
  >Friday-Saturday 9-10 January: Journalism and the Internet, 
  >in partnership with the National Press Club. 
  >Full program at
  >This event is free but seating is limited, so advance r.s.v.p. is required.
  Shanna Langdon
  Information Coordinator
  project underground
  1847 Berkeley Way, Berkeley CA 94703
  +1 510 705 8981