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Re: Error Condition Re: Demonstration against Shell in Central Sq. (fwd)

  Hello Chad,
  I am Ray Davis, the Shell Boycott/Free Nigeria campaign coordinator at
  Essential Action.  Glad to see that your group and many others across the
  country have gotten involved in the campaign. 
  If you have any information (photos, press releases, ect.) from your
  demonstration, plese pass them on to us.  I will be mainly working with
  students and youth groups in the coming year, so we will be trying to
  provide as much support as we can nationwide.  My email is
  ray@essential.org, and phone # is (202) 387-8030.
  Happy Holidays.
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  > On Friday, Nov. 14, the Harvard University Greens and the Nigerian
  > Advocacy Group for Democracy and Human Rights, are sponsoring a
  > demonstration at the Shell Gas Station in Central Square.
  > When:  Friday, Nov. 14, 1997, 1-3 pm 
  > Where:  Shell Gas Station at junction of Mass Ave & Main St.
  > 	363 Mass Ave.  Cambridge, MA.
  > What:  A demonstration against Shell Oil for their human rights and
  >        environmental abuses in Nigeria. 
  > Objective:  To increase public awareness of the abuses committed by their
  > suppliers of oil and gas.  To show people how their purchases in America
  > contribute to human rights abuses elsewhere in the world, including
  > executions of environmental activists in Nigeria.
  > If 80 percent of Americans say they favor environmental protection, how
  > many would be willing to drive less, or stop buying from oil companies
  > that commit major evils around the world?! 
  > PLEASE spread the word, and let's have a significant Harvard presence at
  > this demonstration.  It is close to the campus, and it will help the
  > Nigerian Advocacy Group for Democracy and Human Rights a lot.
  > -Chad Nielsen, Chair, Harvard University Greens
  > Contact:  Chad Nielsen
  > 	  864-5013
  > 	  cnielsen@fas.harvard.edu
  Ray Davis, Essential Information
  Essential Information			|   Internet:	ray@essential.org