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FNM Action Update (12/1/97) Victory: Kudirat Abiola Corner NYC

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  FNM Action Update (12/01/97) Victory: Kudirat Abiola Corner NYC
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  Monday, December 1st, 1997
  Dear Nigerians and Friends of Nigeria,
          Thanks to your efforts, the corner on which the Nigerian Consulate
  building stands in New York City (formerly known as 828 Second Avenue, near
  44th Street) has officially become ³Kudirat Abiola Corner², in honor and
  memory of the murdered Nigerian first lady, (Mrs.) Kudirat Abiola.
          A proposal to name the corner in her honor was introduced before
  the New York City Council by Mr. Jumoke Ogunkeyede of the ³United Committee
  to Save Nigeria² (UCSN) working with Mr. Mike Fleshman of the nonprofit
  organization ³Africa Fund² on May 5th, 1997. After a series of readings and
  debates, their initiative paid off, and it was finally approved by the City
  Council on October 29th, 1997, pending the signing of the bill into law or
  veto by the Mayor within 30 days.
          The time line for Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to veto the renaming of
  the street corner elapsed on Friday, November 28th, 1997, without him using
  his veto power, therefore making the bill a law by default.  Even though he
  did not sign it into law, the mere fact that he did not veto it either is a
  victory by all Nigerians and friends of Nigeria who stand on the side of
  truth and justice over the forces of evil and oppression led by General
  Sanni Abacha. The illegal Abacha regime applied all the pressure it could
  muster to make Mayor Giuliani veto it, but you, the people, through your
  efforts in putting pressure on the Mayor have shown that your support for
  the Nigerian people is a far more powerful force than all the money Abacha
  and his collaborators have taken illegally from the Nigerian treasury to
  sanctify and legitimize themselves before the world.
          From now on, the ³diplomatic² representatives in New York of the
  illegal and morally repugnant Abacha led military regime which is holding
  over 100 million Nigerian citizens hostage would be forced to daily
  acknowledge the name of a woman who was murdered in cold blood as a direct
  result of Sanni Abacha¹s usurpation of constitutional authority, and whose
  husband, Moshood Abiola is the duly elected Commander-in-Chief of the
  Nigerian Armed Forces and legal President of the Federal Republic of
          On June 4th, 1996, (Mrs.) Kudirat Abiola, was assassinated in broad
  daylight in Lagos, Nigeria, while engaged in activism to make the illegal
  Abacha led dictatorship restore the electoral mandates it usurped from her
  husband and the other duly-elected Representatives of the Nigerian people.
          Even though as of this point in time, her murderers have not been
  apprehended, the fact that the unconstitutional and morally repugnant
  Abacha led regime created a political climate where such fatal harm could
  be brought on her makes Sanni Abacha and all those who support his illegal
  dictatorship directly liable for her murder.
          Please get in touch with the Mayor to thank him for not vetoing the
  bill which was officially listed as ³Intro 1028- Co-Naming a street for
  Kudirat Abiola², also thank him for showing his support  for Nigerian
  Democracy and the freedom struggle of the people of Nigeria.
          The Mayor can be reached through email, phone, fax and the postal
  service. His email address is: giuliani@www.ci.nyc.ny.us
  His phone lines are: (212)788-9600 (Action Center), (212)788-3000 (Direct
  His fax number is : (212)788-2920
  His postal address is:  Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani
                                  City Hall
                                  New York, NY 10007
          You can also get in touch with the FNM through any of the addresses
  at the top of this message if you want us to help you forward your  message
  to the mayor.
          Again, thank you for standing on the side of the Nigerian people.
                                                          Free Nigeria Movement