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Green students blockade UK petrol station

  Press Release
  Sunday 16th November 1997
  This afternoon at 3pm in Reading, UK, one hundred student environmentalists
  blockaded the Shell filling station on Shinfield Road for nearly an hour.  The
  non-violent direct action was planned by students from all over the UK who were
  attending the first Green Students Network (GSN) and Students for Environmental
  Action (SEA) National Conference being held at the University of Reading
  Union centre, Whiteknights over the weekend.
  Banners, placards, music and dancing were taken on to the garage forecourt
  motorists were encouraged to shop elsewhere for their fuel.  Drivers and
  were handed leaflets explaining why students were demonstrating against Shell.
    "The action was really important in highlighting the issue of climate change,
     and Shell was chosen because of their horrendous record on human rights
  said Marie Leverett of the Earth Action Group at Reading University.
  November is the second anniversary of the execution by Nigerian authorities
  of the
  environmentalist and writer Ken Saro Wiwa who campaigned for the rights of
  living in Ogoniland where Shell has the region's largest oil drilling
  On 1st December heads of state from all around the world meet in Kyoto,
  Japan for
  the Climate Change Conference.  Shell is opposed to nations setting limits of
  greenhouse gas emissions which would force a reduction in the burning of
  fossil fuel.
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