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U.S. Mayors in Nigeria

   According to D.C. Mayor Marion Barry's press release, approximately 40 U.S. 
   mayors are attending the World Conference of Mayors International Conference 
   in Abuja, Nigeria.  We have so far been unable to obtain a full list of 
   participating mayors, but we're still trying and will get that out as soon as 
   possible.  These mayors should be questioned by constituents about their 
   participation.  Conference expense is being paid for in part by the Nigerian 
   military government.
   Among the 40 U.S. mayors attending the conference that we know about:
   Mayor Gordon Bush, East St. Louis, MO
   Mayor Gary Loster (Convention Chair) Saginaw, MI
   Mayor Omar Bradley, Compton, CA
   Mayor Sandra Ursery, Vandalia, MI
   Mayor Don Juan Williams, Glenarden, MD
   Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, D.C.