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FNM Call to Action and Press Release (11/16/97)

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  This posting contains:
  1)Call to action
  2)Press Release on Mayor Marion Barry's trip to Nigeria
  FNM Call to Action on Mayor Marion Barry's trip to Nigeria
   The illegal Sanni Abacha regime which is holding over 100 million
  Nigerian citizens hostage is hosting a "World Conference of Mayors" in
  Abuja, Nigeria from November 16th to November 18th, 1997. In an effort
  to seek legitimacy on the world stage, it has invited various elected
  municipal leaders from around the world, unfortunately, about a hundred
  of them responded and agreed to attend the conference. Among this lot,
  the most high profile figure is Mayor Marion Barry of Washington DC,
  USA, who along with his wife has chosen to participate in the
          Mayor Barry's involvement is unfortunately going to give the
  Abacha regime a lot of undeserved publicity and recognition. Since Mayor
  Barry has already left for Nigeria, after declaring his intention to do
  so with barely hours left before his departure, at this point in time,
  the only thing left to do in regards to his trip is to make him issue a
  public statement upon his return apologizing for taking part in a
  conference which to all intents and purposes is an insult to the
  conscience of all freedom loving people worldwide . Even though this
  apology cannot erase the fact that he took part in the proceedings, it
  would at least serve as a very useful tool to counter the propaganda
  which the illegal Abacha regime would undoubtedly put out.
          The only way this sort of apology can be extracted is if public
  pressure is placed on his office from the grassroots. All it takes is
  for you to place a phone call or send a letter, fax or email to his
  office expressing your displeasure. You don't necessarily need to be a
  DC resident or voter, or even be based in the United States, as the main
  goal is just to let him know that global attention has been focused on
  his misguided action.
          Unfortunately, Marion Barry's office does not have a
  conventional email
  address, and all email has to be sent through his website at
  http://www.ci.washington.dc.us/MAYOR/mform.htm, for those who don't have
  access to a web-browser however, please send your letters to the Free
  Nigeria Movement at PR@FreeNigeria.org for onward transmission to his
  office. For those who can afford it, please call his office or send him
  a fax at:
  (202) 727-2980 (voice), (202) 727-6561 (fax) or drop him a letter at the
  following address:
                                          Mayor Marion Barry
                                          Executive Office of the Mayor
                                          One Judiciary Square
                                          Washington, DC 20001
          Your action and support is very important as the only way to cut
  link between the illegal dictatorship in Nigeria and the powers that be
  in the "Free World" is by embarrassing the latter into giving up their
  relationship with the former. It worked in the case of South Africa, and
  through the efforts of us the people, it shall work in the case of
          Lastly, if your elected municipal official(s) is/are also one of
  who have gone to Nigeria for this junket, please let us know, and we
  shall also target him/her. 
          Please feel free to forward a copy of this press release to your
  media and other outlets.
                                                  Free Nigeria Movement
  Nigeria; Nazi Germany of the 90s 
                  - Ibrahim H. Muhammed 
  For Immediate Release 
  (Please distribute widely) 
   Mayor Marion Barry’s trip to Nigeria for “World Conference of Mayors” 
  Contact: Nasiru Ikharo at +1(317)216-4590 or PR@FreeNigeria.org 
  Sunday, November 16, 1997
          The Free Nigeria Movement (FNM), a global mass movement working
  for the
  restoration of freedom to Nigeria and its people is dismayed at the
  announcement from Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry’s office about his
  participation in the “World Conference of Mayors” which is taking place
  in Abuja, Nigeria this week.
          The FNM is not opposed to the principle of Mayor Barry sharing
  wealth of experience in a global setting, but is greatly disappointed
  that he, a leading voice in the African-American community, would so
  brazenly participate in a conference being hosted by the General Sanni
  Abacha led Nigerian dictatorship, unarguably the most repressive regime
  in Africa today. 
          The Abacha regime which is sponsoring the “World Conference of
  is responsible for unconstitutionally usurping the electoral mandates of
  not only the elected President of Nigeria, President Moshood K.O.
  Abiola, but also all the other democratically elected leaders of the
  Nigerian people, including those in the Nigerian National Assembly
  (Congress) (over 500 in number), the governors of the 30 States, the
  legislators of the 30 States (over 6,000 in number), and all the elected
  local government functionaries (over 20,000 in number), bringing the
  total number of usurped mandates to somewhere in the range of 30,000.
  Furthermore, the regime has intimidated, bribed, exiled, imprisoned or
  murdered all those elected Representatives who have dared to refuse to
  compromise their electoral mandates. In this regard, even the
  duly-elected and legitimate President and Commander-in-Chief of the
  Nigerian Armed Forces, President Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola has
  since June 1994 been detained without trial at an unknown location and
  under inhumane conditions; his “offense”; daring to insist that the
  electoral mandate bestowed on him by the Nigerian people is superior to
  the brute force used by General Sanni Abacha and his military
  collaborators in seizing the reigns of State power.
          It is therefore hard to see exactly what prompted Mayor Barry to
  to become a participant in a program being sponsored by a regime with
  such a reputation. Furthermore, the information being conveyed by his
  office that he is going to address over 700 recently “elected” Nigerian
  local officials is extremely flawed based on the fact that the only
  legitimate elected Nigerian officials are those of the Social Democratic
  Party (SDP) and the National Republican Convention (NRC), both of which
  have been declared illegal entities by the Abacha dictatorship, along
  with the democratically-elected office holders they produced.  
          The FNM 1st Vice-President, Alhaji Ibrahim Muhammed, who is
  from within Nigeria stated inter alia  that “... from all indications
  Mayor Barry and all the other democratically-elected Mayors [from
  democratic countries] have chosen to make themselves pawns in the
  macabre pursuit of the Abacha regime’s quest for legitimacy and
  recognition...”, the 1st Vice-President further added that “...if these
  people are sincere about having dialogue with Nigerian “Mayors”, and
  other principled duly-elected representatives of the Nigerian people,
  they should seek them out in the jail cells and graves where they have
  been placed by Abacha...”
          For his own part, FNM President Tunde Okorodudu, stated inter
  that he “...would have expected a Mayor who has no idea of the situation
  in Nigeria to take part in such a charade, definitely not Mayor Barry, a
  man who is allegedly so afrocentric that he even wears traditional
  African costume to work...”, President Okorodudu also added that he was
  “...extremely disappointed that principled African-American leaders are
  falling for the age old tactic of “divide and rule”, currently being
  employed by the illegal Abacha dictatorship to divide support for the
  plight of the Nigerian people in the African-American community...”, the
  President also added that “...the Conference is composed of three types
  of people, those who don’t know about the situation in Nigeria, those
  who know about the situation in Nigeria but are turning a blind eye to
  it, and those who know, but are pretending that nothing is amiss...”
          The FNM has among other accomplishments been instrumental in
  passing a
  number of selective purchasing/divestment ordinances against the Sanni
  Abacha led dictatorship, the most recent being in Alameda County,
  California on September 30th, 1997. The FNM has also established a radio
  station to broadcast into Nigeria, called the Voice of Free Nigeria
  (VoFN),  it broadcasts into the country every Saturday evening between
  1900-2000 Hrs. GMT. Currently, the FNM is in the process of putting
  together a “Government-in-Exile” (GIE), composed solely of the
  democratically elected Representatives of the Nigerian people whose
  mandates were usurped by the illegal Abacha dictatorship, when fully
  constituted, it is intended to serve as the moral voice of the Nigerian
  Long live Freedom, Long live the Free Nigeria Movement, Long live the
  Federal Republic of Nigeria.
                             On behalf of the Free Nigeria Movement: 
                                Nasiru Ikharo, 
                                    National Information Secretary, FNM