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November 10 remembrance events in Toronto

  Mosop(Canada)Remembers Ogoni heroes.
  November 9.
     .Church Service at Bloor Street United Church,300 Bloor street 
      West, Toronto.
  November 10.
       1 .BOYCOTT SHELL protest at Shell Gas Station.Time 10a.m. 
       Protest to be led by a Federation of Ogoni Women Association 
        representative visiting from Ogoni and a prominent civil rights 
       activist from the oil-bearing Niger Delta of Nigeria-Mr 
       Oronto-Douglas.Oronto Douglas is also the spokesperson for the Chicoco 
       Movement of the Niger Delta.
       2 .THE KEN SARO-WIWA Concert for Justice.
           Musicians and artists will come together for a special benefit 
          concert in toronto in remembrance of ken saro-wiwa,the Ogoni writer 
  and activist murdered by the Nigerian Military dictatorship on November 10th, 
  1995.The concert coincides with protests being held in Ogoni, the Niger 
  Delta and around the world in support of the Ogoni people.The concert is 
  co-sponsored by the The Body Shop Canada and Greenpeace Canada with 
  additional support from Canada Airlines.Six Bands will feature. Writer 
  Alberto Manguel and Ugandan actor George Seremba will read selections 
  from Ken's writings.Tickets--$25.00
      3     Special opening of The Mosop Website.
  Mosop Canada joins other Ogonis to thank all the individuals and 
  organisations who are making this remembrance events possible.
  The Struggle Surely Continues.
  Owens Wiwa