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Thanks from Nnimmo

  received today from Nnimmo Bassey - 
  Dear friends,
  I write to thank you all for the solidarityshown over my present brush
  with the weilders of state power here. I was arrested on arrival at the
  Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos at about 9 pm on Sunday 26th October.
  I was detained in the airport for the night and transferred to the Head
  Offic of the SSS in Lagos the next morning. All through Monday I was
  subjected tyo rigorous interrogation. I spent Monday night in their
  cell. No talk of convenience in the cell!
  I regained partial freedom at about 8 pm on Tuesday night, I was
  allowed out of their center, but with all my luggage held hostage. That
  included my eye glasses, wedding ring, wrist watch and wallet.
  I was further interrogated on Wednesday and Thursday. Centred on my
  involvemernt in the struggle for a better environment in Nigeria.
  Centred also on my activism in the Oilwatch network. 
  I was finally released yesterday [Friday 31st October,1997] at about 12
  noon. My luggage was returned to me but my Passport is still being
  held. This means that my movement is severely restricted. Means my
  attending the FoEI AGM in Uruguay is quite unlikely. Where is the
  liberty? Where my freedom? Our freedom??
  I was only able to reunite with my family at about 5 pm yesterday; and
  this was when I was able to have a change of cloths since I left Quito!!
  I have to keep reporting to the SSS and that in itself is dangerous!
  That's the price to pay for fighting for an environment suitable for
  That's it for now. Please do not push this matter to the back burners.
  Keep on the pressure.
  Steve Kretzmann			510-705-8982 - office
  Campaigns Coordinator		510-705-8983 - fax
  Project Underground
  Exposing corporate environmental & human rights abuses
  Supporting communities threatened by the mining and oil industries
  1847 Berkeley Way			http://www.moles.org
  Berkeley, CA, 94703, USA