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  Figures that are in a Canadian publication on U.S. pharmaceutical R&D state
  that basic research and pre-clinical testing accounted for 47.5%, clinical
  for 28.4% and "other" for 24.1% of total R&D.  (These figures are from
  PhRMA for 1988.)  The figures in the DiMasi paper (Journal of Health
  Economic 1991;10:107-142), including opportunity costs, are $164.5 million
  for preclinical costs and long-term and other animal testing and $66.3
  million for clinical testing or 71% for preclinical R&D and 29% for
  clinical R&D.
  Can anyone confirm that the PhRMA figures are accurate?  What would the
  "other" include?  Can the PhRMA figures be reconciled with the DiMasi ones?
  Thanks for any help.
  Joel Lexchin
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