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Brazilian Drug Pricing Demonstration

  On the last day on the International AIDS Conference, a contingent of
  several hundred Brazilians and other Latin Americans staged a march
  through the exhibition hall. They made their presence known by
  chanting "Lower Your Prices", and  pointing their finger at price
  gouging drug company booths while snaking through the enormous hall
  filled with thousands. Here is what they had to say.
  Brazilian Manifesto
  We live in a moment of unquestionable advancement in HIV/AIDS care and
  treatment, but the majority of people living with AIDS in developing
  countries or disadvantaged communities in the developed world have no
  access to the new anti-viral therapy.
  The Brazilians attending the XIth International Conference on AIDS,
  including the National Program on STD-AIDS, Ministry of Health, Brazil
  - one of the most important clients of the pharmaceutical industry in
  the third world - understand that scientific advances should provide
  benefits for the majority rather than perpetuating existing
  In this context, a sum of efforts must be developed by all communities
  represented in this conference, especially the pharmaceutical
  industry, through social programs targeting disadvantaged communities
  or negotiated price reductions of, at least, 35%.
  Only with the all-encompassing effort can we fulfill the conference's
  goal - one world, one hope.
  To see photo's of this action and others during the week of the
  International AIDS Conference in Vancouver (July 7-11) go the ACT
  UP/NY's web site at : www.actupny.org.