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HR.3460 is DEAD!!! (fwd)

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  Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 20:21:36 -0500
  From: Ronald Riley <rjriley@tir.com>
  To: Multiple recipients of list <patent-l@ftplaw.wuacc.edu>
  Subject: HR.3460 is DEAD!!!
  I just returned from Washington, DC.  I am pleased to report 
  that independent inventors, universities, PTO staff (POPA), 
  and many others who oppose HR.3460 are prevailing.  
  During a recent meeting between proponents of the bill and 
  House members the proponents admitted to representatives 
  that there was overwhelming grass roots opposition to the 
  bill and offered to provide "cover" to legislators to 
  support it.  It seems there are few takers. 
  One reason may be that it is starting to dawn on legislators 
  that the groups opposing the bill are very tenacious and 
  creative in their approach.  We anticipate having an 
  opportunity to extract retribution from a few of this bills 
  House supporters in the upcoming elections.
  House leadership has agreed to not move any patent legislation 
  forward in this Congress.  It is still important that we remain 
  vigilant and keep pressure on our legislators.  Proponents of 
  anti-inventor bills such as HR.3460 have a history of promoting 
  their interests through stealth attacks.
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