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Mexico dispute over generics and NAFTA

  regarding mexico dispute over generics and NAFTA
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  NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor
  Produced by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade 
  May 3, 1996
  Volume 3, Number 9
  In another NAFTA dispute, Mexican drug maker Signa SA de 
  CV challenged the Canadian government's system for 
  approving generic drugs, saying that it unfairly 
  excludes new manufacturers. Signa claims that Canada's 
  regulations for introduction of generic drugs go beyond 
  international standards. The specific provision at issue 
  allows the patent holder to challenge introduction of a 
  generic equivalent, and begins a 30-month review process 
  at the request of the patent holder, thus delaying 
  introduction of the generic drug. Signa is seeking $37 
  million for expected lost revenue on an antibiotic, 
  using a NAFTA provision that allows an investor to sue a 
  member government. Signa's challenge is now in a three-
  month consultation process. 
  "U.S. Chemical Firm Takes Its Complain in Front of the 
  Nafta Dispute Panel," JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, April 18, 
  1996; Kevin G. Hall, "Nafta Resolution Panel Weighs Fate 
  of U.S. Company," JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, April 22, 1996; 
  Aviva Freudmann, "Mexican Firm Sues Canada in First Use 
  of NAFTA Rule," JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, March 18, 1996. 
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