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pharmaceutical industry influence in psychiatric research

  Dr. Goldman is looking for information regarding pharmaceutical
  companies and psychiatric research.  jl
  Subject: pharmaceutical industry influence
     Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 09:37:00 GMT+5
     From: "Charles R. Goldman" <cg@npsy.ceb.sc.edu>
   Organization: NeuroPsychiatry - RMH
  As a psychiatrist, I have become increasingly alarmed at the amount 
  of influence pharmaceutical companies have on psychiatric research 
  and education.  It goes beyond mere conflict of interest; there is 
  much evidence that academic leaders as well as practitioners and 
  professional societies are becoming drug promoters, to the detriment 
  of our patients.  I am working on some articles and presentations on 
  this topic.  Do you have any information about the amount of 
  drug company money that goes to academic departments, and how this 
  has changed over the last 10 years?  Any suggestions?  (Check out the 
  Moore article in the December Washingtonian.)
  Charles R. Goldman, M.D.
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