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IP: You think this database anonymizes entries? [Best use a p


  >Many of us have seen and heard the television and radio commercials for a
  >new in-home HIV test that is accurate, fast, and anonymous.
  >The test works as follows:
  >You buy the kit.  Go home and follow the directions and obtain a sample.
  >Mail the sample to the lab.  In 3 days, call the lab and enter in the
  >`secret' code and the results of the test performed on the sample matching
  >your `secret' code will be revealed to you.  The secret code is used to
  >ensure anonymity so the user doesn't have to reveal their name.
  >Anonymous? Not at all!!! And here's why.
  >Whenever you call a 1-800 number, your phone number is captured and
  >forwarded to the company for billing purposes.
  Absolutely correct!! So be sure to call the 800 number from a pay phone. This 
  brings up a point, though. Wouldn't it be risky to build a database using 
  caller-id for something like HIV status? Who knows whose phone you are calling 
  from. If they don't have your name, they can't be sure who called from any 
  particular phone.
  Just a thought...