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FW: FYI -Your Personal Information is Public

  This message was sent to me.  I have called the number given and reached a
  Lexis recording (Option 4, then 9).  According to the recording, they will
  accept only written or faxed requests.
  The fax numbers and addresses below are corrected according to the
  recording.  I have removed the address of the original sender to preserve
  her/his privacy.
  Lew Lorton
  >______________________________ Forward Header
  >Subject: FW: FYI -Your  Personal Information is Public
  >Author:  Aniruddha 'Raj' XXXXXXX <anirudb@xxxxxxxxx> at Internet
  >Date:    9/12/96 2:05 PM
  >From:   XXX XXXXXX
  >Sent:   Thursday, September 12, 1996 1:49 PM 
  >Subject:        FW: FYI -Your  Personal Information is Public 
  >Importance:     High
  >This was passed onto me and thought it might of interest to all of you!  I 
  >have not validated its integrity but it sounds scary.
  >Your name, social security number, current address, previous addresses, 
  >mother's maiden name, birth date and other personal information are now 
  >available to anyone with a credit card through a new Lexis database called 
  >P-Trax.  As I am sure you are aware, this information could be used to 
  >commit credit card fraud or otherwise allow someone else to use your 
  >You can have your name and information removed from this list by making a 
  >telephone request.  Call (800)543-6862, select option 4 and then option 3 
  >("all other questions") and tell the representative answering that you wish 
  >to remove your name from the P-trax database.  
  There is currently a message saying they will only honor written or faxed
  requests for removal with full name and address.
  >You may also send a fax to 
  >(513) 865-19300, or physical mail to ATT;P-Trak LEXIS-NEXIS / P.O. Box 933
  / Dayton, 
  >Ohio 45401-0933.  Sending physical mail to confirm your name has been 
  >removed is always a good idea.
  >As word of the existence of this database has spread on the net, 
  >Lexis-Nexis has been inundated with calls, and has set up a special set of 
  >operators to handle the volume.  In addition, Andrew Bleh (rhymes with 
  >"Play") is a manager responsible for this product, and is the person to 
  >whom complaints about the service could be directed.  He can be reached at 
  >the above 800 number.  Ask for extension 3385.  According to Lexis, the 
  >manager responsible is Bill Fister at extension 1364.
  >I called this morning and had my name removed.  The representative will 
  >need your name and social security number to remove you from the list.  I 
  >suggest that we inundate these people with requests to remove our info from 
  >the list and forward this e-mail to everyone we know.
  >Call when you have the 5-10 minutes it takes to speak to the right person. 
  >- Hope this information is helpful
  Lewis Lorton, Executive Director
  Healthcare Open Systems and Trials
  tel 410-715-1181
  fax 410-992-7060