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Re: MED-PRIVACY digest 157

  Alex (METRA1001@aol.com) is quite correct.  Lewis Lorton *has* been 
  consistently "bizzarre, eccentric, hysterical, and inappropriate, not to 
  mention uncivil."  This, on top of consistent apologia for every 
  decrement of privacy & liberty mentioned on this list.
  Yes, he *does* "seem unable to pass up an opportunity to demean, or snipe 
  at any writer. Any comment by most anyone gives [him] an opportunity to 
  laud your superiority and contempt upon others, and in the process insult 
  and degrade them."  I refer you to his recent post demeaning Alex, who 
  was (after all) essentially correct.  If nothing else, there's a 
  wonderful consistency about it.  I invite anyone who's interested to go 
  back through his posts to confirm it.  The upside of this is that it 
  burns some of his time.  One downside is that it burns others' time.
  When it comes down to it, Alex is right, and Lewis Lorton is wrong.  I 
  suspect he knows it.  Let him snipe at me for awhile.  Then it'll be 
  someone else's turn.  LL can't help himself -- he *must* do it.
  A. Lewis