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Re: MED-PRIVACY digest 144

  Sometimes things fall into a pattern you should have seen before.  Must 
  be the coffee, along with that last post (Digest 144) from 
  The essence of the current situation regarding medical (& other types of) 
  privacy is that power over the lives & personhood of individuals is being 
  usurped, essentially in secret, by (essentially unknown) parties who then 
  have unwarranted control over the lives of those individuals.  Those 
  parties were not elected to that terrible power.  The situation is not 
  the result of an open discussion and a vote.  The power to profoundly 
  affect lives was simply...taken.
  In order to test the fairness or validity of a situation, it helps to 
  mentally make a small change and see if it rings true. "Now how would you 
  feel if Johnny did that to you?" Consider the current situation regarding 
  privacy, that essential ingredient in freedom.  Ask yourself  what you'd 
  think if you read of a country (say somewhere in Europe) where shadowy, 
  unelected figures exercised power over the citizens.  You'd quickly think 
  "Iron Curtain, sometime in the 50's."  Certainly there are differences 
  between this hypothetical situation and that of current medical privacy 
  practices.  But there are damn few *essential* differences.  Yo!  In the 
  USA, concentrations of power not derived from election are eventually 
  broken up.  Ask AT&T.
  People don't understand what has happened and is still happening. Those 
  so concerned with grabbing power (and yes, it is that, based on 
  information) should ask themselves what they'll do when people wake up.
  I'm starting to see newspaper articles where I live (central SC) critical 
  of medical privacy practices.  Maybe that awakening has started.
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