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FWD: Administrative simplification in the health reform bill (fwd)

  Good news, it seems, with regard to the administrative simplification 
  issue.  I don't know exactly what happened (and I'm leaving for a few 
  weeks), but this note from Senator Simon's staff sounds encouraging.   
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  Subject: Administrative simplification in the health reform bill
  Author:  Judy Wagner at Simon-DC
  Date:    8/1/96 12:06 PM
            Thanks to Anne Marie catching the problem when the rest of 
            the world was determined to ignore it -- and Paul being 
            willing to make it an issue in discussion with other 
            Senators -- the bill will NOT permit the establishment of 
            huge data banks of our private personal health records 
            without any privacy safeguards or penalties for misuse of 
            It won't show up in press reports, but this is a significant 
  ***** NOTES from Lucinda Sikes (LSIKES@CITIZEN) at 8/1/96 4:05p
  Anne Marie is a Simon staffer.  Congratulations!